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Guide transforms the content international students need into a format they want.

  • Holistic Approach to Learning: Using our holistic, research-backed, and student-centered approach, students learn by doing through bite-sized learning interactions that use media-rich content (images, video, and audio) and gamification to keep students engaged.
  • Bring Relevant Concepts to Life: Students will remain engaged with a growing library of interactive simulations, video courses, success streams, assessments, certificates, and other resources that equip them for the academic, sociocultural, and personal transition.
  • Meet Students Where They Are: Using a mobile-first approach, our courses are designed to help international students to hit the ground running from day one. International students will learn to navigate as they access our engaging, realistic, and memorable simulations – anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Meet The Uniques Needs of Your Students: Guide enhances the overall experience of international students by reducing the confusion and stress related to attending an educational institution in a new country.
  • Community Can Make The Difference: International students will be part of the vibrant community that will foster growth. They will find answers to their questions in the resource-rich platform, connect with peers, and get in touch with you or your team for specific questions and needs.
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COVID-19 Readiness

This simulation helps international students follow COVID readiness plans and travel guidelines set by IRCC and CBSA. International students learn what they need to know to travel safely, arrive safely, and quarantine safely.

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Academic Integrity

Acknowledges the expectations of academic integrity and the misconduct pitfalls to avoid. Introduces students to the values of academic integrity, different types of academic dishonesty and misconduct, plagiarism and cheating, as well as how to avoid them.

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Consent & Healthy Relationships

Educates international students about consent and how to develop healthy relationships while taking into account cultural nuances. Concepts of consent, sexual misconduct, and its implications are introduced through engaging, interactive, and realistic simulations.

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Homesickness and Mental Health

Prepares international students for methods to deal with loneliness and homesickness, appreciation of mental health and wellness, understand what affects one’s mental wellbeing, how to identify symptoms of mental health challenges within themselves, and how to seek help early and find resources on campus and in the community.

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Inter-Cultural Adaptation

Gives students a sense of what to expect as they acculturate and transition into Canada. Students will learn about Canadian culture, relationship dynamics, as well as values and customs. Learners are encouraged to integrate into Canadian culture while maintaining their own cultural identities.

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Understanding Canadian Higher Education

Prepares international students to navigate the Canadian Education system. The course informs students of the different elements of Canadian education, the classroom and assessment expectations and norms, how to adapt and succeed in the Canadian system, as well as how to find the right academic resources available on campus.

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Making the Best of Campus Life

Students are instructed on how to find and utilize the resources, opportunities, and support services available on campus. The course also demonstrates how to properly prioritize and balance academic and non-academic life.

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Getting Set up in Canada

International students are prepared for banking, setting up phone plans, housing, banking, health insurance, cooking and groceries, public transport, and finding accommodation, and weather preparation using a mix of scenarios and assessments.

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Money Matters

Goes beyond the banking process to teach international students financial literacy. The course covers budgeting, money management and financial planning, financial scams, credit, taxes, savings and banking.

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Career Readiness

Prepares international students for the nature of the Canadian workplace. The course covers topics such as professional etiquette, building a professional online profile, the importance of volunteering, resumé writing tips, access to opportunities on campus, and other skills that they need to succeed in the Canadian job market.

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Academic Writing and Study Skills

Prepares international students for the academic skills necessary to thrive in the Canadian education environment. Students will learn strategies to adapt their writing style to the expectations of Canadian post-secondary education, as well as learn tips to enhance their time management, note-taking, and study skills.

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