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We're on a mission to help international students thrive.

Who We Are

Xenia Education Inc. is on a mission to help international students thrive. Our flagship platform, Guide, is an international student engagement platform for higher education institutions.

Xenia Education Inc. supports higher educational institution’s international student retention efforts by the empowerment of international students, allowing them to thrive by making orientation and onboarding more immersive, engaging, and cost-effective. Giving staff members the ability to engage and monitor the student experience, starting before arrival. Supporting staff members & providing them the opportunity to engage and monitor students’ experience, even before arrival.

Our products use a suite of training simulation and analytics tools for students and their respective educational institutions. We use an array of web, e-learning, and instructional design technologies to develop our products. Students have access to simulated worlds that acclimatize them to post-secondary educational institutions in North America long before they arrive for their first semester. The results and data gathered from the simulations are then used to engage and monitor the student experience and match the student’s needs to the services provided by their institutions. The end result is a school-ready student and a student-ready institution.

Xenia Education Inc. For International Students, by International students
Helping international students thrive

Our Mission

“Helping international students thrive”

International students share ordinary student concerns that are often compounded by their social, cultural, and academic transition. They are often not given the necessary tools or support to navigate these situations. We are driven by a passion for education technology and the learner experience of international students and believe that all students deserve the same standard of education. Xenia Education Inc. is on a mission to prepare international students for the North American Education System before their arrival and to continue to support them throughout their studies.

Meet The Team

As the Founder and the CEO of Xenia Education Inc., Jaydee Tarpeh grew up in Liberia during the civil war. When he was 15, Jaydee attended boarding school and came to Canada as an international student in 2011. During his time studying at the University of Windsor, Jaydee was involved in student politics as a member of the Board of Directors of the University of Windsor Student’s Alliance(UWSA). Jaydee was also elected and served as the president of UWSA in 2015.

Before founding Xenia Education Inc., Jaydee worked in the education industry. His experience as an international student himself offers him relevant perspectives on the challenges and difficulties that many international students encounter during their studies.


Nyasha Kapfumvuti is the lead engineer of Xenia Education Inc., he is responsible for the development of the Guide platform and the courseware itself. Nyasha has a background in electrical & computer engineering from the University of Windsor, as well as considerable experiences in instructional design. Being an international student himself, Nyasha co-founded Xenia Education Inc., driven by his passion for learning technology and how people learn.

Nyasha worked previously in communications and healthcare organizations, he has more than 5 years of experience in software development, including games, interactive apps, online courseware and learning management software. Nyasha is also an instructor at Black Boys Code, an organization that provides an education in technological literacy to POC.

Huey Barkson

Huey Barkson is the Vice President at Large of Xenia Education Inc, overseeing all unwanted and undoable administrative tasks. Despite his lack of opposable thumbs, Huey Barkson’s extensive experience of almost 2 years on planet Earth as a Shar-Pei and his fierce passion about education and the experience of international students offers Huey a unique perspective that makes him an incredibly valuable member of Xenia Education Inc.

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