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We create immersive pre-arrival content that prepare international students to better adapt to their host country's academic and non-academic landscape.

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Guide helps you transform your
international student experience.

On Demand

Transform the international student experience with engaging simulations and interactive resources that never become outdated.

Community Focused

Nothing like the power of community to help international students find answers, feel connected, and supported.

Data Driven

Track student’s progress and engagement, identify students’ needs, focus your programming efforts and learn more about your students.

With Guide, you can bring
relevant concepts to life for your students

bringing concepts to life

Guide's library of engaging interactive simulations, microlearning activities and digital workbooks
prepare international students in the key competencies they need to thrive in your institution.

All the International Student
Onboarding Features in One Tool!

Pre-Arrival Certificate

Our Proprietary Campus Readiness Certificate gets international students ready to hit the ground running.

Analytics Dashboard

Track student readiness and wellbeing with reports on student progress and courses they take.

Success Streams

Courses and resources are arranged into success streams to train students in specific domains, from preparing for a job interview to developing study skills.

Single Sign-on

With single sign-on, your students can access the portal from your learning management system whenever they gain access.

Safe Learning Community

Students will have access to thousands of preloaded and user-generated answers to questions they have. No need to scour the internet looking for answers.

Branded Portal

Your portal will be branded for your institution. This will increase your brand recognition and students' connection to the institution.

Asynchronous Content Delivery

Deliver content to students where they are and when they are ready. This will improve their persistence in both educational and social matters.

Scenario-Based Learning

Your students will grasp important concepts in a safe, real-world context, which provides feedback and coaching along the way.

Highlighted Resources

We’ve got plenty of resources to help international students feel comfortable and confident when coming to Canada. Need some extra resources to send to your students? Take a look at our recent blog postings. 

Our Partners

We appreciate all of our amazing partners and hope to continue adding to our list!

Great institutions set themselves apart through their student experience. Contact us to learn how we can help you retain more international students.

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